Best Bike Under RM12,000 In Malaysia

You are now easier to find the best bike under RM12,000 in Malaysia with this information including the latest Motorcycle Price list in Malaysia, Full Specs, and Review. Below is a list of motorcycles and super bike priced at RM12,000 and below in Malaysia.

WMoto RT1 (2024)

WMoto Xtreme150i (2023)

Aveta SVR180 (2022)

Benelli TNT25N (2023)

Benelli R18i (2021)

SYM Husky 150 (2024)

SYM VF3i 185 Pro V3 (2021)

SYM JetX 150 (2021)

Honda RS-X (2023)

Honda Vario 160 (2023)

Honda ADV160 (2023)

Yamaha Y16ZR (2024)

Yamaha 135LC (2024)

Yamaha Y15ZR (2023)

Yamaha Y16ZR Doxou (2023)

Yamaha NMAX (2023)