Latest Naked Motorcycle In Malaysia

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Benelli TNT25N (2023)

Benelli 752S (2021)

Benelli TNT249S (2020)

Kawasaki Z900 (2023)

Kawasaki Z900 SE (2023)

Kawasaki Z650 (2023)

Kawasaki Z250 ABS (2024)

Kawasaki Z900RS (2024)

Suzuki Gixxer 250 (2023)

Suzuki GSX-8S (2023)

Honda CB650R (2023)

Honda CB250R (2022)

Yamaha MT-25 (2022)

Yamaha MT-09 (2023)

Yamaha MT-15 (2022)

Modenas Dominar D250 (2023)